• Steve Voss, Resort Operations Manager
  • Snow Tubing has quickly become one of the fastest growing winter activities and it is easy to see why. It's simple and fun! No need for a lesson, because all you have to do is grab a tube, have a seat, and let gravity be your friend. No need to bring along any equipment, because we provide the tube. Snow Tubing is great for school groups, work outings, friends, and family. Make sure you dress for the cold weather and high wind speeds since you will be racing down the hill watching snow fly by. Hats and goggles/sunglasses are recommended.

    Wilmot Mountain provides guests with tubes to go down the hill and 2 surface conveyor lifts to take you back up. That way all of your energy is saved for the excitement and fun! Wilmot Mountain's tubing area has 22 lanes of over 1,000 ft. long. And once you have done a few runs down the hill and are looking to warm up for a while, join us in the tubing lodge for a snack, a drink, or just to watch the excitement from our deck overlooking the whole area.

    Is Tubing SAFE?  Like any fun sport or adventure there are risks involved.  Helmets are encouraged but not required unless you are an employee working at the tubing area.  At the bottom of the tubing lanes you want to make sure to ALWAYS look uphill when crossing over in front of another lane, you never know if the tube or group of tubes are going to go beyond the end of the lanes and run you over.  If you do get hit down there, you could be seriously injured.  Because of the constantly changing conditions of the snow, you should also pay attention as you are walking around at the tubing area.  What could have been soft snow your last time down may have firmed up and became more slippery especially after the sun goes down for the day.